sanjay leela bhansali and me

i was very delighted to share the master class with SANJAY LEEELA BHANSALI as a host at whistlingwoods institute .

first time i saw sanjay spoke out his heart when he was asked in masterclass why does he use shocking and empowering colours and sound in his movies ?
he narrated his childhood story that he used to hate empty dry cracked walls of his home and would react and put some colours on them . he works very hard on set to put special colours which looks like my painting ‘

when i pointed out that his cinema reminded me the cinema of veteran late legend V SHANTARAM ?
He was honest enough to accept it that he was always fascinated by V shantaram School in his early age.
He also praised my keen sense of music and how he was fascinated by music of PARDES and taal in 90s and how he wanted and wants to surpass my music ‘ …thank you sanjay.

” i like loud sound , loud drama , loud colors and that what you see in my movies like ‘Black , Sawariyaan n ‘DEVDAS .. my version of Devdas”
and i do not care of CRITICISM ever . i do what i love ”

thats the best lesson i got from him ..
NEVER BE AFRAID OF CRITICISM…. criticism is essential part of any action you do .. it will have two reactions always, SO DO IT AT LEAST YOUR WAY ” ‘

so true ..Well done sanjay .




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