sanjay leela bhansali and me

i was very delighted to share the master class with SANJAY LEEELA BHANSALI as a host at whistlingwoods institute .

first time i saw sanjay spoke out his heart when he was asked in masterclass why does he use shocking and empowering colours and sound in his movies ?
he narrated his childhood story that he used to hate empty dry cracked walls of his home and would react and put some colours on them . he works very hard on set to put special colours which looks like my painting ‘

when i pointed out that his cinema reminded me the cinema of veteran late legend V SHANTARAM ?
He was honest enough to accept it that he was always fascinated by V shantaram School in his early age.
He also praised my keen sense of music and how he was fascinated by music of PARDES and taal in 90s and how he wanted and wants to surpass my music ‘ …thank you sanjay.

” i like loud sound , loud drama , loud colors and that what you see in my movies like ‘Black , Sawariyaan n ‘DEVDAS .. my version of Devdas”
and i do not care of CRITICISM ever . i do what i love ”

thats the best lesson i got from him ..
NEVER BE AFRAID OF CRITICISM…. criticism is essential part of any action you do .. it will have two reactions always, SO DO IT AT LEAST YOUR WAY ” ‘

so true ..Well done sanjay .







Whistling Woods International marked the beginning of the year 2015 by adding a cultural program called the “5th VEDA,” envisioned by Institute’s founder and legendary film maker Subhash Ghai. In his words, “It behooves me to mention the concept of 5th VEDA since it is an integral part of who we are. 5th VEDA is about creating a new shared culture that would enable students to enrich their mind beyond classrooms and connect with themselves which in today’s hustle and bustle is very much required. It provides opportunity for artistic expressions and the sharing of cultural experiences with a diverse audience. Our core values embody who we are as a person and serve as the principles that influence the implementation of our ideas and therefore 5th VEDA is quintessential for not only spiritual growth but of your personality as a whole.”

The event was inaugurated by the very gracious Bollywood actress, Mrs. Vidya Balan who emphasized on the importance of being in sync with India’s culture and keeping an open mind. To quote her, “I don’t think there is a glut of places able to offer artists a place to innovate their art forms even though the appetite for it is huge. You students should feel extremely lucky” she said. She lit the lamp along with Mr. Subhash Ghai and singer Sukhwinder Singh.

Dr. Arnott from Australian Arts Ministry praised the event and said , “Art and music are interwoven components at WWI and its heartening to know that they believe in giving artists of different backgrounds an opportunity to express themselves. In an effort to support the growth of the cultural community, they not only bring a wide variety of talent to their stages, but also artists and creative outlets to help each other evolve further.”

Also present was acclaimed Director and recent Padma Shree awardee, Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sister Kunti of Brahmakumari who applauded Mr. Ghai’s initiative.

WWI’s student Akanksha then mesmerized the audience by performing a classical number without any instruments. Sukhwinder Singh began with an influential speech on Classical music and then set the stage on fire with his power packed classical performance concluding it with a heavy round of applause and loud cheers from the energetic crowd.
5th Veda (also known as Natyashastra) aims to invite India’s best talent from the field of Drama, Music, Speech, Dance and all forms of Art and Culture to perform and share their experience with more than 500 students at the campus for the year 2015. 5th Veda will hold an event filled with performances by various artists along with student participation on every Thursday of the week till December, 2015 in Campus Theatres. The goal for the entire event is to provide students with a wealth of knowledge about India’s culture and to offer a myriad of ideas as to how they can improve their performances and learn from the best. I Pray room is going to be student’s very own space to deal with their thoughts and relax both mind and body.

hey I am back on my blog

yes I am back on my blog . lets connect again :}
where did i disappear?
Short cut story …
Last year 2014 was a game changer for me again..
A REAL BAD TIME from 2011 till april 2014 :I was struggling between whistling woods court scenes and the making of my no-star cast movie KAANCHI which could be avoided to make during such a huge crisis time of whistliwoods film school under fire, when i was asked by the court to vacate land of filmcity ,hand over the building to film city and pay 90 cr as penalty to govt as retro rent. And i stay on the road.
Full thanx to previous govt led by CM prithviraj chavan who toppled the entire congress in state and country in close association with genius rahul gandhi for ever finally.He was a egoistic man with zero vision and zero compassion for people. CAMPA COLA and WHISTLING WOODs witnessed him closely .

Thanx to almighty…He, along with congress govt was wiped out in May 2014 elections.

And on july 30 th, Mumbai high court stayed its order against whistligwoods realising its merits and achievements for last 10 years, and asked WWI to Pay 12 cr and continue to use 5 acres land to run the institute .

After so many ups and downs … ACHHE DIN SHURU HUE ” Means Good time began again … New govt appeared with hope and a new vision ..

WWI got back on its feet … 500 students entered in campus .. with full energy , dignity and its glory !!!

On 15th Jan, 2015 WWI entered into a partnership with most prestigious TATA institute of social sciences TISS to educate the students with courses with DEGREE in media and entertainment.

On 24th jan 2015 , My birthday , 400 ALUMNI OF WWI gathered and and celebrated their 1st WWI ALUMNI ANNUAL DAY [WAAM] and declared it as Annual meet day for all alumni in future to strengthening their bonding with juniors and seniors working in the industry. WOW.. thanks to My Warriors .. i love you ;}

On 27th jan, 2015, director umang kumar and his team held a masterclass of MARY COM ‘ with students and thrilled them

On 30 th jan :BIG EVENT WWI initiated a cultural hub called 5Th VEDA inaugurated by Viday balan and sukhvinder singh followed by a masterclass by Sanjay leela bhansali .

Brahmakumari made its own small place by setting up an IPRAY ROOM for students to meditate as and when they wish .
I am back to develop my story dept and so many beautiful concepts and scripts are taking birth .. i am happy today n fully charged for two productions to be announced before 24th october and third one ME to direct in 2016..wait and watch, sir