it makes me happy to know  that in my trade i have been known  as a film maker  time ahead  since 1980 with karz ‘. i remember they made this  remark on my many films when released like Karz , meri jung  , taal , yaadein , kisna and my last film ‘black n white‘ . these movies were never  appreciated  initially and had poor box office collections  but they still are being watched as memorable chartbusters even  after two decades  . so i have a reason to smile :}

Real  truth is that  during your journey  some time you are ahead of times  or else time is ahead of you  and  at times  you loose the time matching factor  with audience resulting box office losses . so it is the game of nature   .

whats more important for me is to go ahead with my inner  quest , energies ,thirst , undying  passion in whatever  i  do  next . if god has blessed you talent and honesty . you have not lost anything .

i am never attached to my past movies ever coz  i like to make every film different than previous ones  . no one coould think that i could make a   fantasy like TAAL in 1999  n real film like ‘ BLACK N WHITE  in 2007   .  i wish to grow  with  growing world always .

so today , I AM ON MY NEXT PROJECT >>>>  ???

pl wait till i share with you

love   SG