whistlingwoods celebrating diwali

31 st oct mumbaii; MY daughter meghna ghai puri who has built up our film school whistlingwoods international  as one of the biggest in the world and best in asia for the last  10 years  ,  has invited me to attend PRE DIWALI RANGLOLI MUSICAL EVENT today   being organised by alumni and present students and faculty of whistlingwoods at campus in film city mumbai  . I am a proud father today . meghna  is a brave girl heading  the leading institute in india with full gusto ,passion and an assured smile  in spite of  facing legal issues and govt resistance to continue the same  at  the same land .  she is strong and undeterred.  i am glad that the spirit of alumni, present students , faculty is  high enough  to fight for fair justice wwi deserves today   .

Celebrating diwali in campus which is under fire  as now  shows a commendable courage and  hope for a positive result .

i am sure wwi will get fair justice finally .. coz it has been built up with honest bricks and a  passionate mission .



kaanchi team and girls

in 1980s we had very few girls working in film project  except actors  ..today while making kaanchi i discover that my direction team  is full of girls dominating  the numbers of men around .  who says women are not empowered  ? these girls are power of my team of kaanchi hardworking ,aggressive , intelligent and support me  to the core . and they are highly inspired by the lead character of kaanchi and love every bit of work in kaanchi .

and at times  they party in evening admiring their own work and want me to stand by them .. so here i am  arrested ..:}Image


TODAY  I Got up 5 Am to  reach to my edit room at audeus in andheri .. my team pranav , arindum and prashant  are first to reach at 6  am  .. they have started enjoying coming at 6 am for edit after a huge reluctance to come so early for work .  they thought I am  mad to ask them to come at 6 am for the job .  but now they have realized how creative work can reach to its excellence with  early energies of rising sun  . I tell them ‘

I work best when whole world is sleeping “ …

We had tackled a  tough scene in edit suit with so much ease that it turned out to be brilliant ..

 I trust mornings than evenings  .. which becomes darker and darker ..  A half lit life and half people around ,

 But this evening was  too half lit in my office at audeus to celebrate the birthday of my other asst director archan chauhan  ..a sweet girl  with six other  girls and boys .from unit  . whishing her ‘  happy birthday ‘ ..

..though it was a NIGHT  … :}Image


 MUMBAI . last night  it  was indeed a great  moment for me on the stage  when i gave away  ‘hridaynath award ‘ to  amitabh bachchcan on the stage and to honour him with a shawl and a maharastrian cap on  76th birthhday of hridaynath mangeshker , the music legend and brother of lata mangeshkar .  Lataji  could not come to attend the event since she was not well . i really missed her at the event  jaya bachchan who accompanied amitabh ji was happy on my short speech on the mike with a remark ” short n sweet “

 i smiled . i have learnt my way to be short and sweet thru SMS culture of communication  these days ..every thing today is  speedy .

the highlight of event was 99 YEARS OLD MAN  dadaji  gadgil who sposonsored the event and was very active on the dias  sitting next to amitabh bachchan sahib  who impressed his audience with his deep HINDI and promised to learn marathi next year .  .

today  sunday was no holiday for me  but work whole day . watching the edit of my underproduction movie “KAANCHI ” .. a happy day indeed .

My star friends from Film and sports 24 oct 13

My star friends from Film and sports 24 oct 13

A picture for my memories album ..
Sunil Gavaskar & Shahrukh Khan.. two big stars from their fields .
Sunil has never forgotten to wish me on phone or in person on my birthday 24th jan and on my wedding anniversary 24th oct , even when he is out of india most of the times …since 27 years .. what a real friend he is .. love u sunil .
and shahrukh who loves to give me pleasant surprises .. he would always land up in my parties without informing me ..
and makes me believe that we met last week only .. he is a charmer to the core ..and i love him without expressing to him .